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    ©Knut Egil Wang—Moment/INSTITUTE

    First aid at a toga party in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

    From: Knut Egil Wang’s Beautifully Funny Photos of Norwegians on Vacation


  3. Marissa Nadler

  4. Bonobo - Boiler Room DJ Set

  5. Nightmares On Wax - Boiler Room DJ Set

  6. Beer can stove

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    I took this image of Mitzi Mischief on my 50mm f/1.8G, it’s such a beautiful lens. I’ve never had tons of equipment, and none of the photographers I assisted had that much either, I think too many photographers in the digital age confuse themselves with bags of equipment. When I left photographic college and was looking for photographers to assist I contacted one particular portrait photographer because I liked his images. He said something which has always stuck with me, he said "I’m not sure there’s any point in you assisting me, there would be nothing for you to do as I only own one camera and one lens.". It made me smile then…and still makes me smile now. (Part of a series of portraits of burlesque dancers).

    David Sylvian : Red Guitar

    Great quote/advice.

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  8. It’s always good to see clear examples like this:

    Instead of …
    “How are you?”
    “How was your day?”
    “Where are you from?”
    “What do you do?”
    “What line of work are you in?”
    “What’s your name?”
    “How was your weekend?”
    “What’s up?”
    “Would you like some wine?”
    “How long have you been living here?”

    Try …
    “What’s your story?”
    “What did you do today?”
    “What’s the strangest thing about where you grew up?”
    “What’s the most interesting thing that happened at work today?”
    “How’d you end up in your line of work?”
    “What does your name mean? What would you like it to mean?”
    “What was the best part of your weekend?”
    “What are you looking forward to this week?”
    “Who do you think is the luckiest person in this room?”
    “What does this house remind you of?”
    “If you could teleport by blinking your eyes, where would you go right now?”

    But I don’t really understand the introvert references - surely introverts could be very good at this, and extroverts could be terrible?

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    Some formulas are plainly beautiful, aren’t they?

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    "Kaira" by Toumani Diabate

    The kora is one of West Africa’s most beautiful gifts to the world. Its 21 strings attached to a calabash make it look like a harp, but… read more

    A very beautiful instrument and a beautiful tune (you can find it on Spotify).

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    Football dreams

    There may be no African teams in this year’s FIFA World Cup final, however it’s not for lack of talent. Observers are already noting how African and Latin American teams are causing a shift in the traditional football landscape. Once the infrastructural challenges are addressed, I have no doubt an African team will soon lift the World Cup trophy. 

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  14. newsweek:

    Aquaponics combines plant cultivation and fish farming: Fruits and vegetables are grown in water reservoirs that also house fish. The fish waste fertilizes the plants, and they, in turn, clean and filter the water.

    This symbiosis is an ideal example of the type of closed-loop, waste-free sustainability championed by green advocates: There are virtually no unusable byproducts, and there’s little you need to add to the system to keep it going.

    Aquaponics Revives an Ancient Farming Technique to Feed the World


  15. "Recently an anonymous hacker wrote a script that took over embedded Linux devices. These owned computers scanned the whole rest of the internet and created a survey that told us more than we’d ever known about the shape of the internet. The little hacked boxes reported their data back (a full 10 TBs) and quietly deactivated the hack. It was a sweet and useful example of someone who hacked the planet to shit. If that malware had actually been malicious, we would have been so fucked."

    Everything Is Broken — Quinn Norton on Medium

    Unf I want every example ever of blisteringly intelligent knowledgable people swearing casually about their area of expertise. Why is it so magical?

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